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The Orthopterists' Society

Call for Research Proposals

15 May 2005

Fellow orthopterists,

We herewith announce the 13th annual call for applications for $300-$ 1,000 Orthopterists' Society grants primarily in support of graduate students and young professionals for significant basic research in Orthoptera (s. l.) and innovative presentation of findings. The Research Committee generally favors applicants without other funds, and encourages orthopterists from Asia, Latin America, and Africa to apply.

As this grant program is funded entirely by membership contributions, matched by an anonymous donor, I urge you to contribute in any amount along with your dues and subscriptions.

Proposals should be submitted to the Chair at the address below to arrive no later than 30 September (Fax and E-mail applications [plain text or RTF only] are preferred). The proposals should be in the following format and restricted to the indicated number of pages: DESCRIPTION (one page): 1) TITLE, 2) SIGNIFICANCE, stressing the new aspects of the proposal, expected contribution to theory, relation to previous work, etc. (applicants should emphasize the nature and significance of their proposal to provide the judges with the basis for weighing different projects especially in fields outside their expertise), 3) RESEARCH PLAN, including the particular orthopterans to be studied, methods, logistics, an approximate timetable (to give the judges some idea of feasibility), etc., and, 4) INNOVATIONS IN PRESENTATION (if applicable), such as special tabulation, distinctive illustrations and diagrams, material on computer discs, CD-ROMs, etc. CURRICULUM VITAE (half page) including present position or years in graduate school, education, number of papers published or completed, citation of selected publications pertinent to the proposal to aid the judges; vital statistics are NOT desired. BUDGET (half page) including justification of items where appropriate (i. e. why special equipment is necessary unless self-obvious), other funding for the project, etc. Overhead CANNOT be provided on Society grants.

Proposals from graduate students must include a simple recommendation from their major professor or advisor. Those not affiliated with an educational or research institution should indicate where the work is to be done. A report will be required from the successful applicants.

Last year, seven proposals were submitted by applicants from six countries. The Committee, comprising Karim Vahed and Theodore Cohn, found six of them meritorious and funded these. Advice on some projects was offered by committee members and consultants in keeping with the Society goal to encourage exchange of ideas and information. The following grants were made in amounts from US$ 850 to $1,000:

Chintauan-Marquier, loana C.(Romania).Molecular and morphological evolution of acridians at different levels of divergence: implications for taxonomy, phylogenetics and biogeography.

Fuest, Jaime (USA). Spatial and temporal variation in orthopteran herbivores: feeding habits and plant availability in a coastal environment.

Mitra, Chandreyee (USA). How does variation in female social experience affect female mating behavior in the variable field cricket.

Pratt, Renae (New Zealand). Weta phylogenetics: the unsolved mystery.

Roth, Steffen (Germany). Species differentiation by peptide hormones in the new insect order Mantophasmatodea: linking systematic and neuroscience. Santer, Roger D. (United Kingdom). High-speed cinematography of predator-prey interactions between locusts and bee-eaters in flight.

Our Research Fund investments have further recovered this year, but are still sufficient to fund only a few grants. I therefore appeal again to the generosity of the contributors to the Fund so that we can continue awarding grants at high levels and need not disappoint applicants with worthy proposals. As a token of our appreciation, contributors to the Research Fund will receive a set of Carbonell note paper with envelopes for contributions of $20-39, the 1993 JOR colored plate for $40-99, and a Carbonell original for $100. (Please remind me if I have been remiss in sending these to past donors.) Through contributions and matching funds from an anonymous contributor, we hope to support this year's applicants and have some left over to build up this fund as an endowment to support future research projects.

Theodore J. Conn [Chair, Research Committee]

Insect Division, Museum of Zoology

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA,

Fax: (734) 764-0471

E-mail: tcohn@sunstroke.sdsu.edu. [plain text or RTF only]